Mindfulness and the present moment

“No matter what is happening outside yourself, or even inside yourself, you have the ability to meet life with presence of spirit and wisdom. You don’t need to be a puppet of your thoughts and feelings – they only have the power you give them. For this truth to be your own, you need the courage and discipline to be present, mindful and open throughout all challenges in your life. And to realize that how you react to events is a choice – however automatic it may be – and not a necessity. You have the power to change it.”

The above is an excerpt from  ‘Giovanni’s’ experiences during his training in a zen monastery. The story of Giovanni really captures the essence of mindfulness and ‘living in the present moment’. two concepts that lie at the heart of Buddhism and spirituality in general. While this may sound like big cliché, in our daily live we are all but in the present moment with our awareness. Please read the whole article in the link below, it’s definately worth the read!




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