Secular spirituality. Wait what? Spirituality for some has a sketchy ring to it. What it comes down to, is basically a mix of psychology, psycho-analysis, philosophy and sociology (and optionally some metaphysics). A way of consciously looking at our personal and collective behaviour and the reasons behind it. What actions do we take, what stories do we tell? Where lies our attention, what is our intention? What habits do we have and how aware are we of them?

If you want to change something you first need to understand it, know what makes it thick, before devising, implementing and evaluating a strategy. To really be effective we also need to be methodical about it. No-one one will disagree to this on a professional level. Yet when it comes to ourselves we often display none of this behaviour, partially because analyzing ourselves is scary. You may find out things about you that don’t fit your image of yourself. Besides, changing yourself is difficult, not to mention it’s time and energy consuming, resources we generally consider to be very scarce. Another reason is, that many of the practices that concern themselves with these matters are often burried in layers of unfamiliar culture, tradition which we often associate with the occult and the superstitious. So we stay put, doing what we allways did, somehow expecting different results all the while complaining that everything is going to hell.

Therefor I am glad that someone shared this ‘gem’ with me on youtube, so I can share it with you. In this video Michael Stone links together contemporary issues like climate change, economic inequality and atrophy of intimacy while offering a new story of living an engaged life. It purports a secular view on secularity one we ‘westerners’ will be able to relate to.

PS. I know it is a 45 minute video which some of you will claim to have no time for. I am not denying that, but Bryant thinks otherwise:



Secular Spirituality

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